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HealthCare First Credit Union offers four (4) Club/ Special Accounts. If you wish to save money for the holidays, vacations, or another reason, you can open a club account to accumulate the funds you need. Or, if you want to enjoy special discounts and fun you can join our Kid and Senior Clubs.

Club Accounts may be opened at any time and remain open until the member chooses to close the account.


 Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas Club Accounts make it easier for members to do the things they want to do financially at Christmas time. Gifts for loved ones, cash for year-end expenses, and holiday fun can be easier next year by opening a Christmas Club Account.

Always remember no deposit is too small!

Christmas Club Accounts will be paid out in October of each year.  A $20.00 fee will be assessed for early withdrawal and loss of interest.

  Special Accounts

Special Club Accounts allow you to save for whatever that SPECIAL reason is for you!

With payroll deductions, it is fast and easy to save! Funds are deposited into your special accounts automatically, and before you know it, you are enjoying the money you have saved through payroll deduction.

  Kids Club

A fun place for our kids to learn about money and saving it. Kids 12 years of age and younger are eligible to join. Activities, giveaways . . . and a whole lot of fun!

Kids Club members…

  • 12 years of age and under are eligible to join.
  • get a Kids Club Piggy Bank to start saving money.
  • fun stuff will be planned throughout the year for all TWINKSTERS to join in.

Parents/Grandparents or Guardians are encouraged to enroll them.

  Senior Club

Are you 55+? Why not join our Club? We offer free seminars, free faxes, free notary service (for signature verification).

All Club members will get a 50% discount – that’s only $2.00 per month if you enroll in our Bill- Pay Program. And, on your birthday, you can request a free copy of your credit report annually.

Sign up at any office.


Truth in Savings Disclosures are available at your Credit Union Office.

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