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Joining your Credit Union is very easy. Eligible members complete a membership application and make an initial minimum Share deposit of $5.00. A social security number and proof of identification are also needed in order to open an account. You can deposit to your account at anytime either in person, by mail, payroll deduction, or by direct deposit.

Once you become a member, you can remain a member for life… even if you retire, change employers or move away. Family members are eligible also. Our only membership requirement is that you maintain at least $5.00 in your Share Account. In order to keep your account active, you must use it at least once a year. If your account is not used at least once a year, then it will become dormant.

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Field of Membership

HealthCare First Credit Union’s Field of Membership is open to any person working in the health care field in the Tri-County of Cambria, Somerset and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania. This includes, but is not limited to, employees, doctors, medical staff, technicians, volunteers under hospital staff supervision, and full-time registered students in the health care field and their family members.

If you are unsure, ask your Human Resource Officer to contact the Credit Union for information on how they can start offering the Credit Union Products and Services to their Employees.

If you are a health care employer, contact the Credit Union for information on offering Credit Union benefits to your staff at no cost to you.

Customer Identification Requirements

In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT ACT, applicants for new accounts are requested to provide current picture identification that verifies identity including name, address, and other identifying information.

In some cases, identification will be requested for current account holders if original documentation was not obtained with opening of the account.  In all cases, protection of customer’s identity and confidentiality is our pledge to you.

We proudly support all efforts to protect and maintain the security of our customers and our country.

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